The physical and emotional benefits of postnatal massage

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From hormone regulation to muscle release and help with milk flow, postnatal massage has a number of benefits for tired, aching mums.

As your baby settles into the world, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Following your bub’s arrival, you will likely find yourself overwhelmed by a roller coaster of feelings. Excitement meets confusion, fear, exhaustion and love – emotions that are stronger than you ever imagined possible.

On top of this, your body is receiving hormone surges that can sometimes make even the biggest roller coaster seem like a dull experience. And let’s not forget your body, which is tender and still very sore following delivery, and now you find yourself sitting in a chair feeding this tiny person, probably slouching with exhaustion yet buoyed by wonder.

While you are in the postnatal stage, the strain on your lower back, neck and shoulders is constant. The physical relief from the many discomforts of pregnancy has now been replaced with these aches, as well as round-the-clock tiredness from revolving around one small person.

It is little surprise, then, that you often forget to look after yourself in this very new daily routine. But the truth is that you can only run on empty for so long.


As a mum, being there for your baby means being there for yourself.

So even when self-care feels like the last thing you have time for, remember it’s vitally important for you to consider your own health and wellbeing.

We encourage postnatal massage as a way to relax, soothe aching muscles and assist with your recovery. Massage treatments support you in this magical but overwhelming time, so you can offer your baby the best of yourself.


Calm your nervous system and hormones

Your first postpartum massages help you to relax, calm your nervous system and even out those hormone surges. This encourages the release of oxytocin (happy hormones) and decreases cortisol (your stress hormones).

Regaining hormone balance helps you to better regulate your mood (and tears) and, importantly, helps to improve the quality of your sleep, because your quantity of sleep will be diminished for a while yet.

We are there to support and reassure you – you are doing an amazing job and now it’s time to invest in your own health and wellbeing.


Release tensions and knots

At the same time as your body is recovering from pregnancy and delivery, it is developing tension in your neck and shoulders from the sudden and frequent feeding of your baby.

Postnatal massage targets this tension as well as the aches in your lower back, legs and hips that developed during pregnancy. As we work on your back and hips, we help your body to manoeuvre itself back into your pre-pregnant posture.

It is so easy to ignore these body strains, but getting on top of aches and pains now can have long-term postural benefits as well as short-term relief. So if your body is trying to talk to you, make sure you listen.


Remove excess toxins from your body

After the delivery of your baby, no matter how he or she came into the world, you will have a build-up of toxins in your body. During pregnancy your body works in overtime, so post-partum is the time to remove toxins and fluids stored in your joints and running through your body.

Additionally, if you had any drugs to support your delivery, massage will help to remove the residual build-up at a faster pace.


Bring your milk flow in

In those first days and weeks, your body is busy producing milk and adapting to your baby’s demands. Our body is absolutely amazing at balancing milk supply with the demand placed upon it, however stress, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition can impact your supply.

This time out on the tables gives your body time to work on what it needs to do – and milk supply for your baby will be its top priority.

Organising your postnatal massage

We have a number of packages to help you keep up with regular massage and support your body both before and after birth. If you book a package of six postnatal massages, you and your baby will have the opportunity to join our infant massage program at a 20% discount.

If you are interested in booking a soothing postnatal massage, email Sharon at


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