How important is a name to tell your story?

Did you agonise over the importance of your baby's name?

Finding the right fit in a name for my business was almost as difficult as deciding on what we would call our children. In all cases, both my for my beautiful girls and for a business that has risen very much because of them, the names were of great importance. They had to carry delicate strength and inner beauty, resilience and class. The name also needed to define, in the case of my girls, a tiny human whom we did not yet know her personality, and still show her respect in the matching.

In the case of my business, I had the advantage of knowing exactly the personality, respect and ethos I want to define and portray. So the name was still of importance, but I could easier match it to the personality in those first days, because the personality was clear to me. My business, however, is more than just business to me. Aside from my own family, who is obviously my heart and soul, this business has been founded out of pure love of what I do, and a desire to offer support to families in a way I wish that I had available to me.

I’ll be honest though, I am not very good when it comes to creativity on paper, or catchy things like names for a business. Defining exactly what I wanted my business to be, I turned to my precious village mammas (you know, those women who are your rock and your back bone as you grow in your role as a mother), I defined to them what I was wanting to do, and begged for some help in the naming department. My business has my heart in it, and I want it to thrive and grow in strength and success. Through love and laughs and the kind of hard work that I’m more than thrilled to commit to and am very, very proud of. And so the name and logo had to do the business and the intention proud.

A name to portray love and beauty, strength, value, and respect to the 'named'.

I explained to my village mammas' that I needed a name to encompass all that we are, all about the baby and the family connection, defining communication, love and beauty, purity and strength, and also include the focus on the importance of mums everywhere giving themselves permission to give to themselves. To respect themselves! To relax, indulge, and make time for repair and restoration of their own bodies. Yes, YOU MAMMA ... YOU NEED TO LOOK AFTER YOU!! My name needed to be light, soft, feminine and flowery. This was the brief.

Are you taking time to look after yourself?

While there was a thread of beautiful suggestions floating my way, it was the very first, ‘Lotus Baby & Mamma Massage’ that grabbed my heart and stuck with me. Funny that it came almost immediately from my gorgeous talented friend and yoga instructor, who has seen me through my practice for near 4 years now, both my babies in tow. If she hadn’t been there, willing to take on a group of mums desperate for our yoga and with no-where left to take our kids, willing to meet us every Wednesday in an old church hall and help us ‘zen out‘ the noise of almost double the number of toddlers and babies to mums, so that we could allow ourselves just one hour a week to focus on us. To stretch, energise, breath, simply to BE ... I just don’t know where I’d be in my sanity right now. I don't doubt that it was her supplying us this one hour a week that helped water the seed that a business revolving around, and supporting mothers and their babies, against all odds, was truly possible.

Does remedial or relaxation massage in your own home appeal to you? Because you do deserve some nurturing too!

Back to my story, this amazing lady immediately came back to me with Lotus Baby & Mamma Massage. The ‘mamma massage’ part seemed perfect. Simple. Self explanatory. All mums, pregnant and beyond deserve some time to themselves to look after themselves. And from my own experience and hearing the stories of my girlfriends, if there’s one thing I’m certain, there is no time more NEEDED for a woman to look after herself, mind body and soul as when going through her pregnancy and those first wonderful but exhausting, confusing, emotional years of love, laughter, sleep deprivation and body transformation ... some of those bits not necessarily being so wonderful. I want to make that possible for mums because we count. For a lot!! And not too many people out there appreciate just what we do outside of other mums, so it is important for us to help look after each other. (You will like hear a lot more of my thoughts on this important topic as I warm up past introductory blogs).

My point, I am here to support you, and I am more than happy to work around your babies & toddlers to try and make that happen through 'mamma massage'.

A baby, like the lotus flower is the embodiment of purity. Of beauty.

Getting back to the importance of naming my business. Why ‘Lotus baby’?

“Anybody who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant…and so the lotus flower has come to be associated with purity and beauty”.

Now, if our baby represents the lotus flower, I am not necessarily stating that humanity is a murky pond, well, not all of it, but surely you can understand how these tiny souls of purity come into this world completely helpless, yet fully equipped to demand the attention they need for survival and IF we listen, they teach us. So tiny, with their incredibly knowing eyes they seem to arrive in this world full of the knowledge of what really counts in life.

With all the stresses that come with life and babies, and there are definitely stresses, from the body aches to the sleep deprivation to the financial struggles. There are mental and hormonal roller coasters as everyone in the family needs to readjust to the new dynamics, relinquishing independence, stepping up to responsibilities, completely reorganising and prioritising the dynamics of our lives. Physically, socially, and emotionally WE ARE STRESSED! All the while these amazing little souls shine true at the centre of all that ‘reality’ and remind us of what is pure, and beautiful.

And even with all the murky struggles of life, when we stop and listen, when we take time to learn what our babies are trying to say to us, to teach us, we are reminded of what we all once knew. Of what really counts. That is to survive. To communicate. To love. To laugh. To learn. To never ever give up. They persist until they can roll, sit, stand, walk, run, jump climb and talk, and all the while, IF we allow them, they persist with an energy and enthusiasm, excitement and self-pride that we all as adults deserve to have too. It’s just that some of us have forgotten how. These tiny souls will humble us, will change us, and amidst all the crazy reality going on around us, if you take time to listen and let their presence in your life teach you, you cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite being.


You cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite being

Do you sometimes struggle to find time amidst the daily chores to simply enjoy your baby? To bond?

Of course all that flowery talk is wonderful, but sometimes we find ourselves swimming in such a deep pool of 'reality', of exhaustion and washing, mess and pure pent up tension with not knowing how to make our crying babies happy. It is very easy to feel swamped and to question yourself. "Why can't I make my baby happy? What am I doing wrong?"

We turn for advice, and advice is everywhere. In books and magazines, from our mothers and aunties and friends. There is no shortage of advice, to the point we become overwhelmed, and forget to consult, and to truly listen to the most important team of advisors. You know who they are, right? Pick your baby up, and go and look in the mirror. Together, that team of two or three (if dad is there too) are the key players to listen to.

Each baby, although they have a lot of commonalities, are individual little human beings with their very own manual that they are trying to teach, and you as the parent are definitely the expert of your own baby and deciphering what their manual is saying. If you don’t get it all yet, don’t be so harsh on yourself. No-one learns a new language fluently in a matter of days or weeks. It takes time. But it is so important for us to really try and learn our baby's language, while helping them learn to understand ours.

Are you wanting to understand what your baby is trying to tell you?

For me, personally, this is THE NUMBER ONE most important part of the 'Lotus Baby' massage experience. Learning to massage your baby teaches you a routine that can have so many benefits. It can relax bub, it may help improve sleep, bowel movements (oh how important the topic of poo can be), the symptoms of colic may be relieved. It can help support babies that have already experienced trauma in their tiny lives through pain, tubes, needles, premature babies, ill babies. Learning infant massage is not a therapy that can ‘fix’ real problems that need medical attention. Infant massage is an opportunity for parents to take time, to connect, and in some cases to let their baby know that not all touch is painful.

There are so many benefits, but most, most, most importantly, this beautiful time you choose to spend with your baby strengthens the bond of love and trust and communication. And with that comes a tiny human being that is being set up for life with a powerful gift of calm, trust, empathy, an ability to communicate, a self-respect for their own body, and ultimately a confidence in themselves that they are loved. That they are safe, respected and completely able to step out on their own two feet, explore and succeed. Because right from the start, the most important person in the world listened to them and hardwired into their brains the fact that they had unconditional love, support and protection.

There is no better gift you can give to your baby

What greater gift can you offer any human being. 'Lotus baby' fits. Learning to massage your baby helps you to bring out their inner Lotus, and it helps you to take time to SEE it! Your baby, and your relationship with your baby will literally bloom under your nurturing hands. I love my job. I can’t wait to meet all these new beautiful tiny people so clever at teaching their parents about themselves, and the purity and beauty of life. And I can’t wait to meet the parents ready to rise out of the pond and bloom with their babies.


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