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Massage is so important, not only for mothers, but also for their little ones. And as mother of two, I know this firsthand.


Hi I'm Sharon and my journey started when I completed my Certificate IV in Massage as a 'side interest' to my then studies in naturopathy. Since then, I’ve had two little girls (who are now two and four), discovered how desperately helpful massage can be as more than just an hour of 'feel good', and I’ve squeezed my remedial studies in around them. Fast forward ten years, I am now taking my combined experience in massage and being a mum to the next level.


There is a real need for massage services just for young families.

We all know that massage helps with relaxation, pain relief, headaches and tension – if there was ever a ‘group’ of people in need and deserving of all this and more, it’s mothers! We spend hours bending over to play with our little ones, and we’re forever carrying wriggly kids whilst also balancing a heavy bag, a drink bottle, a toy, some shoes and maybe even a plate of morning tea.

And before we even get to that stage, we go through a process of having our bodies rapidly distorted, pushed and stressed. Then we are confronted with an entirely new life that we must adapt to mentally, physically and emotionally. As a group, WE NEED access to remedial and relaxation massage!

So why don’t more mums treat themselves to regular massage?

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a massage place with a crèche, or somewhere that will be able happy to accommodate an unpredictable baby or toddler. So to give mothers the treatment they so desperately need, I have created Lotus Baby & Mamma Massage for Brisbane and Bayside mums and their little ones.

Busy mums deserve to treat themselves to a massage every now and then.

I don't know how many times I crawled into bed whilst pregnant or with a young baby, wishing someone would magically appear to massage my feet, neck, shoulders or back! And so I have made my wish come true for others.

Lotus Baby & Mamma Massage offers the following services

At-home massage

We offer a mobile service where we come to your home for massage during pregnancy, post partum and beyond. You let us know what times suit you, so we can work around your bub’s sleep times.

Mothers groups

For groups, we offer packages with morning tea – did I mention I was a chef for many years BC (before children)? This is a great opportunity for mothers groups to get together and share a beautiful morning tea in the comfort of a member’s home. Gathered for support and relaxation, members of the group collectively share the care of little ones, giving each mum the chance to sneak off for a well-earned massage.

I book by the hour, with a two-hour minimum for these packages, so mums can split that time for a 30, 45 or 60 minute treatment each. I am fully qualified, which means you claim your massage through your private healthcare provider. These packages are a beautiful idea for a mothers group Christmas or birthday party.

Couples’ treatments

With this option, we encourage both parents to book for a treatment around bub’s bedtime. One watches the baby – maybe baths and puts them to bed –while the other gets a treatment. Then they swap and hopefully by that time bub and kids are asleep, so you can continue to enjoy the opportunity to relax after a long day.

This option is also a great idea for a generation share, allowing mum and a grandmother a chance to get together throughout the day and share the care and treatment.

Have you ever thought about giving your baby a massage?

This is what makes Lotus Baby & Mamma Massage so special.

On my path to mamma massage, a fellow therapist and lecturer suggested that I look into doing an infant massage course. Halfway through completing the course, I knew I had found exactly where I wanted to be in my 'career life'.

I knew I didn’t want to return to working in kitchen, and my instinct told me that my children would lead me to where I was going. But it wasn't until this moment that I knew where that was. My mother’s massage dream connected perfectly with infant massage and now, in a very unique way, I am able to teach families with young babies and children the importance of nurturing touch.

Infant massage is not about me touching your baby. That is your privilege and joy as a parent or primary carer. As an IAIM Australian Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), I offer a five-week program teaching you how to massage your baby.


Infant massage is all about connecting with your baby and strengthening your bond.

I truly believe that this is something that should be encouraged for all new families. This is an opportunity to come together in a non-judgmental social setting with other families (or we can organise one-on-one family classes), while learning to massage your baby. Through this course, you also learn how to communicate with your baby – to read their language of cues and cries, and to help them understand your cues as well.

Every language is hard at the beginning, and a baby is no exception to this, but each baby does have a very definite language and they are trying to speak to you. Allowing yourself time to sit and 'be' with your baby, 100% in the moment (not worrying about cleaning, washing, the next feed, shopping or dinner), is priceless.

Parenting is so hard. There are so many opinions, advice and books – so many books! This is an opportunity to forget all the mixed messages and give yourself permission to be the best parent you can be by trusting your own instinct and learning to communicate with your baby. And did I mention I plan to spoil you with a cafe-quality morning tea that you probably don't treat yourself to much anymore? Food is important to the soul – I'm a chef and I know it for a fact!

Infant massage is not a therapy, but there are many therapeutic benefits that come with regular infant massage.

I learned infant massage through the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) First Touch program, recently renamed ‘Baby in Mind’, which is the only nationally accredited company in Australia.

Research has shown that infant massage can help settle babies, improve sleep, help with symptoms of colic and help the digestive system run a little more smoothly. I wish I had been aware of this as I was dealing with the confusion of the early days when my youngest girl cried so often (me too). Now she is two and asks me most days to massage her – as does my four-year-old.

This is not a course you should do and then shelve, never to think of again. This is an opportunity to create an experience of healthy touch that will stay with you both for a lifetime. You can and will learn to adapt as they grow. You’ll learn how to make games, ease tummy aches and quell anxieties as little ones head off to school or become nervous about something new. As children grow it can be wonderful way to stay connected and open up lines of communication.

Infant massage can set up a relationship for life in the most special way. I feel so very lucky to have found my path and I am committed to being a support network for the families who come into my life. With every family I can help, I grow to be a better person. What better 'job' could a girl ask for? I hope to meet you and your little ones soon.

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