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If International Women's Day theme is “Be Bold For Change”, Erica Brooke is the stand up representative for our skin and our environment and why we should be simultaneously caring for both. It certainly is possible to value both equally and produce a range of quality products that impact our skin in the most fabulous of ways, whilst NOT impacting our environment. I know it is possible because I have watched Erica do it. I have used her products for a number of years now, and watched her range grow as she has grown. Erica is on a continuous path of self improvement. She is constantly learning more and more about products worth investing in our skin, and continuously working on formulas (or should I say magic potions) that have our skin thanking her. I have heard comments like "its a face lift in a bottle", which is always something we like to hear.

My experience of Erica's product:

After almost 12 months of some weird, horrible, irritating skin thing running from my eyes right back to my hairline, a continuous roller coaster of mild steroids or some little pink cream in a jar that will fix anything, "but don't apply more than twice a day, and never ever on children" (always comforting instructions), I had avoided ALL other products on my face. In desperation, I asked Erica one day what she might recommend my sensitive painful skin could handle. The rest was so dry and starved of nutrition as I had been avoiding anything. Erica suggested I try the honey cream cleanser and ultra calm face oil, suggesting that I take care around the affected area and do a patch test. Of course I'm not always the best listener, so after about 2 or 3 days I decided to simply let the area soak up her products and see what happened. What happened, is after about 2 weeks, the red irritating ugly skin thing was all cleared up. And it never returned again! My face looked normal. It no longer hurt, and I wasn't walking around with angry red wings shooting out from my eyes! People actually commented on how beautiful my skin looked. Erica in no way sold this to me with a promise or suggestion of it being used as a topical medicine. When I asked for her recommendation, she took in consideration the sensitivity of my skin, and the properties of her products. My skin was nourished with all that it needed, and it came good. Thank you Erica.

Erica is an example of why we should all "trust in our knowledge and our intuition", and let life guide us with a true heart. She certainly shines brightest under this bold confidence. We are holding an event to celebrate and inspire just this kind of confidence. Combined with hard work and an open mind forms the recipe to our success.

Please meet and hear what Erica Brooke has to say.

Tell us a little bit about who you are, and who is your business.

I'm a Bayside (Wynnum-Manly) local, a mum to two beautiful girls, a wife, a small business owner and lover of green skincare. I love healthy living, yoga and Pilates. I love going the markets on the weekends and believe everything works better with coffee.

What made you choose this path? Was it always in the plans for you or something you kind of fell into?

I've been lucky enough to know this is the career I had to take up for over 10 years now, I've been in business for about 3 years.

This years theme is Be Bold For Change. What was your bold moment that convinced you to take the plunge and trust in yourself?

Having my children and knowing if I didn't do it, no one else was going to!!

Making a change and plunging into the unknown can be really daunting. Terrifying even. How did you do it? Both practically, and emotionally?

Practically just put one foot in front of the other and strive for progress not perfection

Emotionally for me it's about positive self talk, hanging out with people who inspire you, meditation, knowing your self worth, even if that means you might only get the dishes done today, it's still something so don't beat yourself up

What motivated you to make the change?

Definitely seeing all the toxic chemicals that are still used in the cosmetic industry today and not wanting my girls to use them.

You are a mother too. There is no doubt that the 2 roles of business and family overlap. What came 1st? The kids, or the business?

Technically the business but I didn't do much about it until after the kids.

What difference do you think you have made to your life by choosing this path?

I know I've gained some serious self respect by listening to myself and trusting my intuition.

What difference do you think you have/can make to others?

I want to help people change over to natural skin and body care products easily, in a stress free and non judgemental way.

How can others learn from your story? What message do you have for them?

My message is that changing our skincare routines to greener one doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. That there are so many wonderful ingredients in our homes already

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

I can't wait to meet everyone!!

Erica is generously donating a beautiful selection of products to our raffle on the day. What an opportunity to try out her products. I promise, you'll never look back. Don't forget, if you bring along a new packet of knickers to donate on the day (we'll explain that later), you'll get a free ticket in the draw.

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Join us at our event where Erica will be speaking with you all on why you should be taking care of your skin. Meet Erica and our other amazing women in business, be inspired, and help raise finds for our chosen charity for the day, Days for Girls, Book in early. It's just $10 if you pre-book, and once you have, you can also pre-book in one of the limited spaces in a pilates taster class, a mini massage, or book your kiddies in for a class of imagination and fun. (Kiddies come free of course) Any questions, please contact Sharon. Email: .

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