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This year, International Women's Day theme is “Be Bold For Change” and we are holding an event to celebrate and inspire just that. Our Wynnum-Manly community is overflowing with inspirational women in business, and we are pooling together to celebrate and inspire.

Julie Schofield is one of our talented ladies who has led a life to be proud of. She is a mother and grandmother. Her grown children, and the way in which they in turn raise their children are a testament to the fact. You reap what you sow, and clearly Julie has invested time and love, and taught by example.

Julie made the bold move to follow her heart and simply take up painting as a hobby. Taking up a hobby really should not be classed as a bold move. It is something that we all should be doing in this gift called life. Following our hearts and making time for things that we love. In reality, so many of us tend to put all the heart stuff on the back burner for another day. We always have more important things to do first. So to actually make time for herself and have courage to try something new is an example of a kind of BOLD too many of us neglect.

I have had the privilege of seeing quite a few pieces of Julies art in person. They practically fly off the page at times, other times, you could step straight into her canvases. Please read on and learn about Julies journey into the art world. In seeing what she creates by letting her heart guide her, is there any doubt that we should all boldly give our dreams a fighting chance?

Tell us a little bit about who you are, and who is your business.

I am an artist who lives in Lota on the bayside of Brisbane who creates soulful, radiant acrylic paintings, mostly realistic and depicting the natural world. I also paint abstracts occasionally. Being a sensitive, sensory, kinesthetic soul, I feel vibrational energy and enter into a deep place where time does not exist and where there is only the joy of being in the moment and creating. Every work is produced from this zone of magic.

What made you choose this path? Was it always in the plans for you or something you kind of fell into?

About 4 years ago I decided to listen to the artist within and follow an instinctive yearning to paint big bright canvases. Today I am delighted to be finally honouring my deepest calling.

It truly was in my plan to devote more time to art one day. Always a creator at heart whether it was drawing, sewing clothes, making jewellery, painting or renovating houses. When I couldn't find full time work and had hours of free time, I decided to take up painting classes.

This years theme is Be Bold For Change. What was your bold moment that convinced you to take the plunge and trust in yourself?

Feminine Power studies 2014-2016 and feeling the collective call to Show Up was the catalyst for change. My whole being became about: Courageous Authentic Expression. No more dimming my light, the whole world and the earth needs us to uncover our gifts and Shine!

Making a change and plunging into the unknown can be really daunting. Terrifying even. How did you do it? Both practically, and emotionally?

I got to a point where it became necessary for my health and well being. Today I feel driven to create and if I don't express myself, I become anxious. Painting keeps me calm and centred. Playing small is not serving anyone.

What motivated you to make the change?

I can feel the evolutionary impulse and deeply acknowledge the urgency to be a co-creator of a better world. We need a radical course correct.

You are a mother too. There is no doubt that the 2 roles of business and family overlap. What came 1st? The kids, or the business?

I was a sole parent of 2 children and they grew up seeing me working as a Massage Therapist, which was work I loved. Also being involved with other natural healers had a positive influence in their lives.

What difference do you think you have made to your life by choosing this path?

I feel more aligned with my true nature.

What difference do you think you have/can make to others?

I infuse my work with love, light and the beauty of nature….I’d like my art to assist in opening up to grace and the oneness of life.

How can others learn from your story? What message do you have for them?

To be able to step forth and manifest and create in the most powerful ways it’s necessary to take a leap of faith, your wings will appear after you leap.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

If you are suppressing a creative urge, read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic.

Julie is a living breathing inspiration of what could happen if you simply take a chance on yourself and try. Her art work would proudly hang in any home. What's more, Julie loves to do work on commission pieces, which means if you have that photo or dream ideal in your head of the feature picture you want hanging on your wall, you really need to come down and speak to her.

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Instagram: julieschofield_artist

To join us at our event, and meet Julie and our other amazing women in business, be inspired, and help raise finds for our chosen charity for the day, Day for Girls, book in early. Just $10 if you pre-book, and once you have, you can also pre-book in one of the limited spaces in for a pilates taster class, a mini massage, or book your kiddies in for a class of imagination and fun. (Kiddies come free of course). Any questions, please contact Sharon.

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