Community Changemakers: Bek Daley, I Hate Cooking

I am continuously inspired by women around me that develop an idea and then actually stick to it and make it happen! That is exactly what our International Women's Day morning is about. Sharing this inspiration with our own community of women.

Bek Daley is a women I have witnessed several times over develop an idea, and let me tell you from observing the experience, if Bek has an inkling that it is going to be successful, she does not let that idea drop! I have to say her latest may well be her greatest. She is tapping into an idea we all have at some point, be it we work full time and long hours, we have children to juggle, we juggle children and a business from home, or we simply just HATE COOKING. A long long time ago I was a chef, and a pretty good one too. I can whip things up from not much pretty easily and quickly. Let me tell you, there are still days I Hate Cooking. Tonight, for instance, is Fun Friday. It is almost 5pm and I have not even considered dinner. I wish I had freezer meals, but I have let them run down. It will be a very light dinner. Perhaps I need to have Bek over and show me her magic in person. I have eaten enough of her food to know she will be a success. I would just love my freezer full of yummy food without actually having to do it. ;-)

Hear what Bek has to say about her BOLD decision to create a business that can help us all:

Tell us a little bit about who you are, and who is your business

I'm Bek Daley and I have been in my own business most of my life. Most of them with foundations and structure which I have learnt from, to enable me to recently launch my very own start up.

"I Hate cooking" was born when I had a couple of friends with challenging situations in their homes. I offered to go and cook for them using their food and kitchen. Now I'm about to change lots of people's lives with the help of "I Hate Cooking". It's not for everyone all of the time but it is for some people some of the time.

What made you choose this path? Was it always in the plans for you or something you kind of fell into?

It came about purely from helping some friends in some difficult situations.

There were some challenges in the role I was working in but I was generally happy. However in this I saw an opportunity to do something and build my own business from scratch. My rules. My decisions. And my friends all wanted to be involved. From there it has grown into an incredibly humbling service. I have always been in the business of helping women feel better about themselves. It's another branch of that I guess.

This years theme is Be Bold For Change. What was your bold moment that convinced you to take the plunge and trust in yourself?

Stepping down from my leadership role in a very successful direct selling company and doing something on my own. I had to be bold to forgo the income and start this myself. It's a work in progress but I'm sure the hard work will be worth it.

Making a change and plunging into the unknown can be really daunting. Terrifying even. How did you do it? Both practically, and emotionally?

It just felt right. I had green lights. I sat down and talked to my husband about it and we worked out a time frame and a plan. I did many free cooks for friends to get their feedback on the recipes and the service.

Every time I found a problem I worked at a solution until the problem was fixed. I'd sit bolt upright with a problem at 5am and not sleep until I could structure a solution. It's workable for the early stages and I'll be continuing to grow it over the coming years. We have a 3 year plan. I'm a go getter. I set my sights on something and work towards it. Failure is not an option.

What motivated you to make the change?

The role I was in was fine and I was determined to stay in it until such time as I had a replacement for that income. Once the seed was planted it was onwards and upwards.

You are a mother too. There is no doubt that the 2 roles of business and family overlap. What came 1st? The kids, or the business?

Kids. I'm a mum of 2 amazing girls. I need to pick them up 3 times a week regardless. I'm blessed to have some extra help on the other days. I wanted to create a business opportunity for a mum who could do 2 cooks in a school day and still collect their children from school. That's my ultimate goal.

What difference do you think you have made to your life by choosing this path?

I've seen more then my share of tears of joy at the results of our cooks. I've cooked for new mums, recent widows, people who have been unexpectedly incapacitated, the elderly. There is something very satisfying about helping people. It's my gifting and I LOVE to do this for people.

On a personal level, I want a 6 week holiday in Europe before my eldest leaves school. That's what I want. I know I can change others lives with what I'm doing but the goal is to take my family away for an extended period of time before she's too old.

What difference do you think you have/can make to others?

We are simplifying life by giving people back time.

How can others learn from your story? What message do you have for them?

Persistence is the key. It takes time to build an idea. But work at it. It will pay off.

If ever there was a woman who did persistence well, Bek is your lady. She has a relaxed nature that makes it easy for you to welcome her into your home and open up her kitchen to you. Especially if it means you have a heap of meals ready for you. Who hasn't fantasised about having a range of home cooked freezer meals before. Without actually having to do the work. Bek, like all mothers, has found her children to be her greatest teachers. With learning to cook for their gluten and lactose allergies, she is well experienced to cook to suit the needs of your family too. Bek will be joining us on the day, so will have an opportunity to chat to her and see if you can't take advantage of her genius business for your family.

To contact or learn more about Bek and I Hate Cooking:




Ph: 0410 526 477

To join us at our event, and meet Bek and our other amazing women in business, be inspired, and help raise finds for our chosen charity for the day, Days for Girls, book in early. Just $10 if you pre-book, and once you have, you can also pre-book in one of the limited spaces in our pilates taster class, a mini massage, or book your kiddies in for a class of imagination and fun. (Kiddies come free of course) We can't wait to see you there.

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