Flourish as you transition into motherhood

Online Baby Massage Course - starting soon

A healthy mindset begins with self-care.  You deserve to be nurtured in pregnancy and those first precious months with your baby.

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Pregnancy & postpartum massage

Restore mind and body.
Specialised pregnancy and postpartum massage for your unique body, helping to alleviate physical and mental stress. 
A remedial and certified NurtureLife® Practitioner.
Private Health Funds welcome
Baby massage brisbane


Knowledge is power.
Invite your partner to prepare for your birth and postpartum period together. Teamwork makes the dream work!
Build a deep connection with your baby through infant massage.
Pregnancy massage brisbane

Postpartum Doula

An extra set of hands when you need them most. Access emotional support, practical help at home and learn how to tap into mindfulness as a mother.
Time, space and support as you transition into mother, or mother again is essential, not luxury.
Why this Mama wants to support you 
Lotus Baby and Mamma Massage
We were never meant to raise our children alone. I learned the true meaning of the saying “it takes a village” following the arrival of my own children, and have made it my mission to support other mamas ever since.

Mama Blooming is about supporting and nurturing the Mama as she transitions from maiden to mother, or mother again.  Exhaustion, overwhelm, discomfort and pain, all so common for most new mothers, often beginning in pregnancy, will have their long-term negative effects on her, and so her family. And it really should not have to be this way. It is not just about self care. It is about community care for the Newborn Mother.


Hi. I am Sharon, and I am here to help you understand your value, and the value of your care as KEY to you being the best mother, partner and woman that you can be. I am here to support you in every way that I can so that you can be your best person. For you, your partner, your children and your community.  

Because Mama, YOU are the centre of your family’s world. Your foundations matter.

"Sharon created the most warm and loving space. As soon as I walked into the first baby massage class, her gentle nature and calmness made me feel right at home. Sharon also gave us tired mums some much needed sanctuary from the daily 'mum life'. I wish I could go every week."

Kel, mum to Mila, 4 months

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