March 4, 2020

After chatting to a mum this week who is in the thick of some long exhausting nights with her baby's colic, and knowing how overwhelming it can be, I decided to ask the question, and collate the feedback of other parents who have lived this journey, and found some relief for their baby.

February 6, 2019

I recently had a Mama contacting me asking me if I could massage her at just 6 weeks pregnant. 
 "Of course" I told her. "Massage can be so beneficial for you in pregnancy, and the sooner, the better" I told her.  Of course I knew this mother and her medical history well, so I was aware enough to confidently answer her. 
On ringing around to book her a day spa treatment including massage for Christmas, her husband was told by many places:
"NO. We do not massage until the 2nd trimester."  An...

December 9, 2018

Last week I announced our first winner of our new "Let's celebrate the Mama's" campaign. Our goal - to recognise how awesome we are. to lift each other up, and also ourselves. Our first week kicked off with a bang and I really struggled choosing between the nominees as each had a powerful story to tell. Truly strong and inspirational women.  Which is amazing. At the same time, please don't feel that you need to have such a story to nominate yourself, or another Mama.

I shared a little of Kylies s...

October 25, 2018

Lets talk self care for a minute.  YOUR SELF CARE MATTERS! You cannot drink from an empty cup. Neither can your babies, or children, or family or friends. We as Mama's give and give, but there is only so long that we can give the best of ourselves before we become empty. And depleted if we do not put ourselves FIRST. Or at least second.  Our Western culture has some of the highest rates of perinatal depression. And I feel a big part of this is because our self care, and often others caring for US see...