Have you thought much about what happens when you

bring baby home

Have you thought much about what happens when you

bring baby home

Preparing for your Postpartum Period is the greatest gift that you can give your whole family

Postpartum Preparation Workshops get you planning for your new beginning

Too often mothers say they just did not realise how hard this 'magical' time was going to be. That they had no idea how to prepare for the transition. There is so much excitement and planning gone into the perfect pregnancy and birth, and through no fault of the parents-to-be, little thought goes into what happens next. It simply seems to be something no one talks much about. It is kind of like planning for the wedding day without putting thought into the marriage that follows. Into the reality of committing to and living with another human for the rest of your life, and all the communication and compromise and effort that goes with that. Only this time, that human is completely dependant on you and there is no separating if things don’t work out.

Traditionally the postpartum period is around six weeks (40 days).  Both the wisdom of tradition and scientific studies have shown that this six week window will have a profound effect on the mother. Her brain will change. Her body will change. How she views the world and what is important will often change. Her transition from maiden to mother, or mother again (no matter how many babies she has) will see her emerging a different woman. And her experience and support over this period will impact whether that long term change will be one that is positive or negative.  And if it is negative, it takes a lot for that mama to recover.  Be it positive or negative, those effects will have direct impact not only on herself but her baby, partner, family and community.   In this workshop, you will start to consider how you can plan for this sacred time, so that your postpartum becomes a period of peace and joy, rather than one of exhaustion and overwhelm.

This workshop covers:


  • Discussion of your postpartum thoughts and expectations, both your dreams,and any worries you may have

  • Traditional cultural wisdom - the postpartum period is revered and celebrated across the globe, and has been since the beginning of women giving birth.  We will consider why they are so valued in a mother’s well-being.

  • The five postpartum similarities that all these cultures share, how and why they matter, and how you can adapt them to suit your unique family

  • Science - looking at what ‘baby brain’ really is, why it is so important, and considering how these shared cultural practices make a difference to us in real and measured ways.
  • History and Western influence - why has our culture forgotten generations of wisdom shared across the world? (Because we too shared these traditions once)
  • Consider what is actually needed for the arrival of your baby

  • You will begin thinking about what you need and want for your sacred postpartum experience, and begin planning how to make it a reality.

Group workshops

These workshops are small and intimate, so you can begin connecting with other parents and building your tribe.

Workshop overview:

  • 90 minute workshop

  • Relaxed small group setting

  • Suitable for all couples, and Mama's with a birth partner or significant support people in their babies life.


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Adapting traditional postpartum wisdom to a modern lifestyle

It is a fascinating thing learning about postpartum traditions across the globe. You will quickly notice similarities across the cultures that can leave you wondering how we have strayed so far from what has appeared to work since women began having babies.

At the same time, you may think as nice as they sound, they could not possibly work in our fast paced Western world. And you are probably right if you tried to implement them exactly.

For example, I cannot imagine too many women, even if they could afford a 24 hour team of help, being comfortable to be completely confined in their home for a full forty days. Imagine the logistics of this plan. Finding away to slow down, to rest and recover and allow themselves time to transition into the new person they have become, now that is possible.

When you first learn about these traditions you may feel it would be impossible to apply them to your modern life. If the thought of this has you feeling uneasy or anxious, take comfort in knowing what we want to do is acknowledge the wisdom of these traditions passed down through the generations, and what effect they have on the welfare of the mother, and so her baby.  And then consider how you can take that wisdom and apply it you your own life in your own way.  Keeping it simple is the key to making it a reality. 

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Traditional postpartum goals for newborn mothers:

To allow the new mother time and space to:

  • Rest and repair her body

  • Fall in love with her baby

  • learn how to be a mother

  • learn to breast feed (if this is what she wants)

  • be provided nutritious meals so she may in turn provide for her baby

  • Learn to ask for and accept help

  • Surround her with love and support

  • To mother the mother

  • To celebrate her sacred transformation

 In this workshop, the aim is to introduce those key elements shared across cultures that have been shown to be successful in mothers experiencing a beautiful postpartum, rather than one associated with words like overwhelm and exhaustion. And then to plan how to take these elements that are so important, and work them into your plan, with the modern twist to make it reality, not just a wish.




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