Pregnancy Massage

So much more than luxury!

In clinic in the Glass House Mountains, Caloundra or mobile to you

Pregnancy Massage

So much more than luxury!

In clinic in the Glass House Mountains, Caloundra or mobile to you

Why pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy is a natural process in which a Mama’s body undergoes change on all levels. Some of these changes can cause discomfort, even pain, and particularly in our busy modern lifestyles, we are often left feeling frazzled and believing that we just need to deal with the discomfort as part of the journey. This often does not need to be the case, and there are many avenues for support that you can take. Massage has been used as one of the oldest modalities to support Mamas, and has benefits of supporting the body on a multitude of levels.

As a trained  NurtureLife® Practitioner, you can ensure safe and effective treatment from conception, right through to you day of birth, and beyond.

 Benefits of pregnancy massage:

  • Soothes and relaxes the nervous system, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and creating a calm connection with your baby

  • Remedial relief for muscular aches such as lower back, hip and sciatic pain, leg cramps, muscle tightness and pain, and restricted movement

  • Improves circulation and elimination of waste products stored in the muscles - helping to combat fatigue

  • Helps  to balance hormonal changes in the body which can help relieve anxiety ad depression

  • Encourages mum to relax, recharge and connect with her baby (all important tools in preparation for her postpartum period)

  • Increases blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to both mum and bub (More energy for mum. Better nourishment for bub)

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  • Helps relieve general discomforts such as headaches, oedema causing swollen feet and legs

  • Helps to improve balance in your body so bub can settle in the best position for birth

  • Helps to improve muscle flexibility, helpful in your third trimester and most certainly when in labour

  • Encourages mum-to-be to connect with and accept her body, important for her transition to Mama


How safe is pregnancy massage?

When you visit a trained  NurtureLife® Practitioner you  can be confident that your therapist understands pregnancy, including any potential risks or alarm bells your body may be setting off. You can feel safe knowing that we have put in the time and training to understand how a pregnant body works and how we can best support each Mama and her unique journey from conception to birth (yes in the first trimester too)*. You can feel safe knowing that if we were to detect a risk, we would refer you on. This statement is not put here to put fear in you, but instead confidence that as pregnancy massage practitioners we are always here to put yours and your baby's health first.  

*Please refer to our blog to learn more

Side lying massage vs table with a belly hole?

Although lying on your tummy is tempting when pregnant, it is very much discouraged today as it has been shown that no matter how well supported the ' hole' is, there will still be strain on your abdominal ligaments. There is increased risk for abdominal separation. The added pressure from your therapist can put more strain on your lower back and abdomen. 

Let us instead support your spine, your abdomen and your comfort side lying so that you can fully relax knowing you can be remedially treated without risk to your body. 


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Cancelled bookings

Where possible, we accomodate unforeseen issues that pop up. Please let us know when something goes wrong as soon as possible and we will re-book at a better time for you.