Workshops & Doula Services 

Supporting Your Journey

Workshops & Doula Services 

Supporting Your Journey

Embrace comfort, care and connection

As women we are born with nurturing instincts to care for others. These qualities are what make us incredible mamas – yet we so often forget that as well as caring for those around us, we have to care for ourselves too. 

When your pregnancy and postpartum journey is one of joy, calm and clarity, you set positive foundations for your life as a family. With this in mind, I have curated a range of services to both nurture and empower mamas on the Sunshine Coast. 

Through massage, postpartum planning, doula support and infant massage, I step in to care for you, and give you the tools you need to transform into an empowered mama with a healthy mindset.


Prepare for your postpartum period

The first six weeks of your baby’s life is your time to connect, recover from birth and build life as a new family. Working with me as a couple, we plan what you want out of your postpartum period and the things you need to put in place now to make the transition smooth, supported and full of love. Learn how to set realistic expectations, embrace baby brain and support each other.



Partner preparation for labour

As a couple, you are stronger together. Learn how to use massage in the final stages of pregnancy and in labour. I can introduce Optimal Maternal Positioning techniques to help bring balance to a mother’s body in pregnancy and preparation for labour. These workshops are designed to prepare the partner for their role in this journey with real tools, and real plans to suit each couple’s unique needs.



Baby Massage

IAIM Australian Certified Infant Massage classes teach you how to connect with your baby, read their cues and soothe them. Massage for babies bonds families, opens communication and empowers you to trust yourself as the expert of your baby.

Attend intimate group classes to meet other mamas or have private workshops in your home.


Customer service excellence is our normal. Creating WOW experiences for my clients always has, is and will be my driving force. (18)

Postpartum Doula

Feel cared for and nurtured as you get to know your baby and recover from birth. As a postpartum doula, I visit your home to offer encouragement, massage and hands-on help. I prepare nourishing meals, teach you how to positively communicate with your baby and provide an emotional pillar of support to lean on.  

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*Gift vouchers

Show a Mama how much you value her in this sacred time, and that you intend to be a part of the supportive village she needs in her transition to mother. The best gift you can give a baby is a healthy mother, both body and mind. And for that, she needs to be cared for, and understand the value of her own self care. Help her begin this journey by showing her how amazing it is. A gift voucher can be arranged for any workshop or service or to put towards a larger package. Perfect idea for a baby shower or group present.


Customer service excellence is our normal. Creating WOW experiences for my clients always has, is and will be my driving force. (10)


These services are available individually or can be bundled into custom packages. Be it workshops, massage or in home care, there is a 'doula package'  that will work for you.  So how can we make your transition into motherhood a blissful and positive experience?

A perfect idea for a gift registery for your baby shower - the gift of caring for mama so she can care for her baby - why not let your tribe contribute toward your self care