Empowering families through nurturing massage, pregnancy and post partum support

Empowering families through nurturing massage, pregnancy and post partum support

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“The lotus flower rises above the murky depths of its environment to bloom, and is a traditional symbol of strength, fertility and empowerment. Just like a blossoming lotus, it is my dream that every new mama will flourish in what is a sacred time and precious milestone in life.” – Sharon Arthur 


When your baby arrives – whether it is your first or your fourth – you become a Newborn Mother. Just as you are here to teach your baby how to adapt to life earthside, you also need the same guidance, patience and support to rise into your new role. This age-old tradition, "mothering the mother" I make new again at Mama Blooming.

Sadly Western culture expects mothers to glide naturally through this transition with minimal support. Once their partners return to work after just a few weeks, what is supposed to be an enriching time becomes overwhelming. And the results are alarming. More women lack of confidence in themselves as mothers and we are seeing increasing instances of postnatal depletion, anxiety and depression.  

Looking after your body during pregnancy, building your village and planning for your fourth trimester have all been proven to empower mamas. That’s why I have joined a growing army of doulas in the postpartum revolution to change the way we think of motherhood. I am rising up to claim back this time for all mamas, so that they and their babies may have a positive start to family life.

My story

Sharon Arthur - Founder of Mama Blooming

NurtureLife® Practitioner | Certified Remedial Massage Therapist | Certified Infant Massage Instructor | Postpartum Doula

After many years working and travelling as a chef, starting a family grounded me. My beautiful baby girl inspired me to complete my remedial massage training and I was astounded by just how much massage helps the body at every stage of life, especially during pregnancy and postpartum. Throughout this study, I fell pregnant again and had another gorgeous girl, and 18 months after that I graduated.

This lengthy journey of study alongside transitioning to Motherhood turned out to be an extra blessing as it led me to what is now Mama Blooming. I soon discovered the powerful value in infant massage for connecting parents and baby, and so began the accidental journey toward becoming a perinatal doula.  I realised my calling was to give families the chance to bond and mamas permission to really care for themselves, to allow others to care for them, rather than trying to do it all alone.

All the training that followed – from both my own motherhood journey and organisations including Pregnancy Massage Australia® and Baby In Mind – has taught me that mothers need to be nurtured, so they can nurture their own babies as they grow. I believe there is so much we can learn from the collective ancient wisdom of mamas, and from within ourselves.

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The support I offer bonds families, opens communication and empowers parents to trust themselves as the experts of their babies. It is pure joy to empower mamas on the Sunshine Coast as they proactively prepare to become the parents they always dreamed they would be. I have seen first-hand how the right planning and help gives mamas more confidence than they ever thought was possible.

Together we will create a unique package that works for you, to ensure your postpartum is one with support, peace and joy.

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