Labour Preparation Massage

a perfect way to begin your birth

In clinic in the Glass House Mountains, Caloundra or mobile to you

Labour Preparation Massage

a perfect way to begin your birth

In clinic in the Glass House Mountains, Caloundra or mobile to you

What is labour preparation massage?

Labour preparation massage is about supporting your body into labour. A Mother may book a treatment as part of her birth plan, in preparation for a calm mindset and prepared body in this sacred time. As she reaches, or passes her due date, or the day before she is booked for an elected cesarean.

Benefits of labour preparation massage: 

  • Soothes and relaxes the nervous system, reducing anxiety and creating a calm connection as you prepare to meet your baby 

  • Relaxation encourages the release of hormones necessary to initiate labour

  • Improves circulation and elimination of waste products stored in the muscles - helping to combat fatigue

  • Improves pelvic flexibility, important for birthing positions that encourage a progressive labour

  • Reduces tension and aches unnecessary before labour commences

  • Lengthens muscles and encourages the body to find balance, so bub can find best position to birth

  • Accupressure points can be used to stimulate the release of oxytocin and soften the cervix

  • Closing meditation to prepare for birth cn be included


  • Increases blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to both mum and bub (More energy for mum. Better nourishment for bub)

  • Helps relieve general discomforts such as headaches, oedema causing swollen feet and legs

  • Encourages mum to connect with and trust in her body ad it's ability to birth her baby


Is a labour preparation the same as labour induction

Labour induction is a medical intervention designed to stimulate contractions,- 'induce labour'. A number of different methods can be used. 

Labour augmentation will increase the strength of contractions if labour slows down.

25% of women receive some kind of medical intervention, be in induction or augmentation. This in turn increases the risk of what is known as a 'cascade of interventions', and increases the risk of an unplanned cesarean. 

labour preparation massage is not a medical intervention, and not designed to initiate labour specifically. The aim is encourage the body AND mind to begin labour on it's own. A key element to labour commencing is the correct balance of hormones, one of the most important and most well known being oxytocin.  Oxytocin is the ' feel good' hormone, and without high enough levels, labour will not ocmmence on it's own, or progress steadily.

Cortisol (the stress hormone) will suppress oxytocin, the two are very much intertwined. The less stress mama is, in the more we can relax her, have her feeling safe, loved and nurtured, the higher her boost of oxytocin. Massage can be a valuable tool in helping bring this relaxation to mum so her body and mind can begin the process of labour all on its own. 

Accupressure points can be used (if mum wants them) to encourage commencement of labour be softening the cervix  and further stimulating the release of oxytocin. Essential oils can also be used to to encourage uterine contractions and help relax, focus and ground the mother.

A meditation to close the treatment is incuded in your massage if you wish.

What can you do to support a intervention free labour?

It is not always possible to avoid, but certainly there are far more interventions happening to mum's than necessary. What are some considerations for you to prepare for a natural labour?

In advance, and right through your labour - consider preparing your mind and body:

Days before and as labour commences: 

  • your mental readiness

  • keeping calm, oxytocin boosts

  • loving touch and cuddles

  • drink plenty of fluid & nutritious food

  • rest

  • breath

  • aromatherapies (research first)

  • trust in your body and mind


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