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Why postpartum massage?

"When a baby is born, so is a mother" be it her first, second or fifth bub. The traditionally defined postpartum period, or the fourth trimester, is a time when real, lifelong change is happening in a mothers mind and body, and the results are very much dependent on the positive or negative experience she has in this time. Across cultures women are nurtured and encouraged to rest and repair, to honour this sacred window that so profoundly impacts her life, and so her family's too.

Postpartum massage can be so beneficial in the postpartum period as early as just hours* after bub is born and the mum and bub bond established, and continued particularly through those early weeks when the body is re-balancing the physical and hormonal changes that have occurred in her body. Months later there is still so much support needed and nurturing bodywork is a fabulous support.

As a trained  NurtureLife® Practitioner, you can ensure safe and effective treatment throughout your postpartum journey.

Benefits of postpartum massage: 

Early recovery from labour

  • Soothes and relaxes the nervous system, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and creating a calm connection with your baby

  • Can help with afterpains (2-6wks postpartum)

  • Can help with shaky episodes immediately post birth and the early weeks

  • Can help reduce pelvic ligament and joint strain and pain developed during pregnancy (the sooner you seek help, the better your long-term outcome)

  • Supports changes to the endocrine system (hormone fluctuations) including minimising effects of relaxin on connective tissue

  • Helps support emotional adjustments, the ' baby blues', anxiety and depression

  • Aids re-balance in postural changes with postpartum weight loss (6kg-8kg average)

  • Encourages mum to relax, recharge and connect with her baby (invaluable in her postpartum period)


  • Can encourage recovery of abdominal muscle tone
  • Helps relieve general remedial discomforts such as pain in neck, headaches,shoulders, lower back, hips 

  • Can support healing and functional restrictions of surgery if bub born by cesarean* 

  • Helps to improve muscle flexibility, 

  • Encourages mum-to-be to connect with and accept her body, important for her transition to Mama

*based on a natural birth with no interventions


A little bit of culture and history

If you look into the history of postpartum care and across many traditional cultures today still, there is a wisdom and understanding of the importance of nurturing bodywork to support new mothers. Massage is an important part of a mothers postpartum care.

  • In India, new mothers receive daily massages in their home with herb-infused oils from their doula's, who are mostly the aunties and sisters

  • In Mexico, a closing of the bones ceremony including massage, herbal steams and being wrapped tightly to encourage pelvic stability is part of a traditional postpartum care

  • Throughout Asia bellies are massaged and tightly bound

  • In Korea a mother is massaged every day for forty days

Traditional culture hold so much wisdom that we too once cherished, but has been forgotten as pregnancy and birth has become viewed as a medical condition rather than sacred passage of new life, both the baby, and the mother. 

You will note that all of these cultures bring massage to the mother as just one component of nurturing care in her home, where she is required to simply rest and repair whilst she learns to become a mother and fall in love. Her doula's, who are usually her family and the experienced village women ensure everything else is done for her.

In honour of this tradition, massage is always a part my in home doula packages, and can also be brought into you home on it's own to support your postpartum needs. Alternatively, your newborn is always welcome to bring in clinic with you. We can't wait to meet him/her.


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