Empower your partner to support you in pregnancy, birth and beyond

Workshops help your Partner prepare for this journey with you on the Sunshine Coast. 

Birth Preparation for Couples

It takes teamwork to make the dream work. When you work together, you can create the positive birth and postpartum experience you have been dreaming of. These group and private workshops teach couples how to give each other both emotional and physical support while helping mum  find her 'Optimal Maternal Positioning'.


It is so common for partners to feel ill-prepared to help their partner through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. So often they feel like they are sat on the sideline, simply because they haven’t learned the techniques to engage in the journey.  And these feelings can lead to disconnect both as parent, and partner.


This workshop overcomes that uncertainty with tools that involve you both. Partners learn techniques to support a mama during birth and pregnancy, and discover how to be an emotional pillar. You will leave feeling connected and prepared for your baby’s arrival.


You will learn:


  • The importance of partner involvement at all stages of the journey - How to work as a team 

  • An understanding of the pregnant body and how to help balance it for the most positive birth experience
  • Let's talk pelvis, pregnancy and labour!
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning techniques to relieve pain in pregnancy and prepare for and support through labour

  • Massage techniques for birth  

  • Real tools to use in your labour to encourage calm and a smooth progression

  • How to support mamas both physically and emotionally during pregnancy and birth

  • How to advocate for your family

  • To be empowered in your parenting journey right from the start

  • The positive influence you can have on your baby. For LIFE!


Group Workshops


These classes are an opportunity to release your fears or concerns in a supportive setting. You learn how to be present in pregnancy and during the birthing process, as well as techniques for staying connected as a couple during the new and very real dynamic change that is happening in your lives.


The small group setting gives you the support of like-minded couples who are treading the same path, so you come away with a sense of community. It takes a village to raise a child and you have the opportunity to grow yours with this group.


After the course, I also invite you into a private Facebook group to keep the support flowing.

Course overview:

  • 4 hour session

  • Relaxed small group setting

  • Suitable for all couples, and Mama's with a birth partner or significant support people in their babies life. 

  • Great gift idea

  • NurtureLife® Practitioner trained

Next workshop:

"Thank you. We both really enjoyed the morning. It was nice to take some of the stress out of the thought of giving birth, and enjoy some time together laughing and learning"

- Tash & Sean 

"Fathers are a key player in families — for positive and negative” 

Dr Craig Garfield

Private Partner Preparation Workshops

In addition to group classes, we offer Partner Preparation Workshops across the Sunshine Coast in the privacy of your own home. 

You will learn to support your partner and baby, and enjoy all the benefits with your private instructor at a time that suits you best.


Private classes are a great way to arrange a time when both parents can attend, or for another close family member who will be present to support you and your baby in this sacred time. 

You will enjoy closer connections and improved communication as you begin to understand how you can support mum through her pregnancy and labour, and beyond when your presence is crucial for both your partner's transformation as a newborn mother (be this her first baby or fifth), and bub as they join your family and thrive on loving connections.  

Course overview:

  • 3 hour workshop

  • Private workshop in your own home

  • Suitable for all couples, and Mama's with a birth partner or significant support people in their babies life. 

  • Great gift idea

  • NurtureLife® Practitioner trained

Missed classes

Where possible, we accomodate unforeseen issues that pop up in attendance with our workshop. Let us know when something goes wrong and we will try to arrange a catch-up class for you.