Bring your baby home to a relaxed environment with the support of a postpartum doula

The weeks following your baby’s arrival are so precious. Specialising in mother-baby bonding, postpartum massage and meal preparation, I support you as you recover from birth and adjust to life as a new family.

Here to give you confidence and support


Preparing for birth is only the first step in welcoming your baby home. After you have lovingly carried your baby for nine months and brought them into the world, the very real work of motherhood begins – right at the moment when you are physically and emotionally adjusting to life after birth.


You need time to heal, helping hands and to be nurtured as much as possible. If you listen your mother’s instinct, it will ask for assistance. And that’s what a postpartum doula is there for.


Rather than wading through the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you can be present. As a doula I show you how to lean into motherhood while also relieving your physical and emotional stresses.   

Traditionally, doulas are family and women from the community – but not every modern woman has the support of a traditional village network. Friends and family must continue working, and our culture has shifted to one where women are celebrated for bursting out of their bubble before they are ready.


That is not what I want for you or your baby. I want you to bond together, to take your time to heal, to give your body rest and to give you permission to put your hand up for help. In those first weeks I will visit your home to help with cooking and cleaning, to remind you that are you just as special as your baby and to pamper you with massage.

Your doula package is as unique and flexible as you, and will vary to suit your needs with each visit we spend together. It includes:


  • Birth and postpartum planning

  • Postnatal massage

  • Emotional guidance

  • Mindfulness training

  • Time to rest and repair

  • Time to learn to become a mother

  • Encouragement to embrace slowing down

  • Guidance on tapping into your parenting instincts

  • Advice on reading your baby’s cues

  • Support for building your village

  • Nourishing home-cooked meals

  • Practical help around the home

  • Help with your older children

  • Baby massage instruction


To learn more, join our plan your postpartum workshop, and from here book your free consultation for you and your partner.

Do you need a postpartum doula?

It is possible to gain rest and relaxation post-baby. But are you prepared for those first few weeks at home after birth? Do you have a support network that shares your vision for parenthood? A doula is there for you emotionally after birth, to debrief and bring your postpartum plan to fruition.


It takes a village is a common phrase for a reason – because it is true. Whatever your unique circumstance, it is so important for you to be supported and heard. Otherwise you risk feeling isolated and overwhelmed.


A postpartum doula teaches you how to embrace your baby brain, shows you how to forgive yourself and celebrates your journey with you. These mindset shifts together with practical support create a positive start for your family.


Good parenting is part planning and part going with the flow of your baby. A doula helps you to uncover your parenting instincts and brings structure to those first weeks, so that rather than feeling depleted you feel full of love, joy and confidence.


We set goals together prior to your baby’s arrival, so that no matter what happens during birth, you are ready to bring your baby home to a loving environment.


If you are concerned that you won’t have enough support or aren’t sure how you will cope with the pressure of sleep deprivation and transitioning to motherhood, I bring you the compassion of a mama who has been there coupled with the professional help of my training.

Together we will work towards these postpartum goals for you:

  • Resting and repairing your body

  • Embracing your baby brain (it’s actually there to help you)

  • Tuning into what brings you peace and joy as a family

  • Learning to breastfeed (if this is part of your journey)

  • Building your village

  • Making space to develop your parenting style

  • Establishing a plan to reduce stress and feelings of self-doubt

  • Creating support mechanisms between you and your partner  


To start planning your perfect postpartum, join our postpartum workshop. From there you can book your free consultation for you and your partner to go deeper into your uique plan.